Saturday, June 16, 2012

Green and Prim

I had been working on finishing up a few packages to mail for quite awhile, I think I finished this dress back in March but did not actually get it sent until yesterday!   This is another incarnation of the Abbey Dress that I had originally found on Pinterest.

I picked the green fabric up from my local Wal*Mart, which does have a very limited fabric selection.   This was a fat quarter, so there was just enough fabric for this pattern if I used a different colour of lining fabric. 

Close up of the back closure.   I am not a huge fan of this type of closure, but as I don't have a baby readily available to try one of these dresses on, I'm not sure I should mess with the closure and left as the pattern requests it to be.   The button is from a stash I got from my Gramma.   I like the neat topstitching detail. 

Here's a view of the interior.   The white fabric is from an old sheet, and the grey bias tape is from a garage sale or thrift store.  The pattern doesn't suggest bias tape, but I think it finishes the look and makes the inside of the dress pretty and neat.  I used princess seams for the sides of the skirt.  The lace trim is from a store in the middle of nowhere and was probably around 50 cents a metre.  The label I made with some regular old satin ribbon, a few letter rubber stamps, and a fabric marker.   Inking the stamps and them stamping them on, ironing afterwards.   I think  it turned out great and looks somewhat professional!

These dresses are a little bit finicky to make due to the style of the armholes.  I've been trying to think of an easy way to tweak the pattern to make it quicker to sew but am still working on my idea. 

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