Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Business Cards!

I am already on my second set of business cards in less than a month! When I sold items at a craft fair earlier in November, I was selling both cards and jewelry. For my business card design for the show, I went with a simple owl design and the two fonts that I had used on all of my product packaging. A lot of the cards I was selling had a nature-y theme, so it seemed like a great match.

Realizing that I have a lot more jewelry in stock right now, and having only jewelry currently in my online shop, I wanted to develop a business card that matched the look and feel of the shop. The accent colour in my product packaging was a pale blue, so I decided to go with that. With limited options of graphics programs to use, and Pinterest, I found a great blue lace background. I "recycled" my previous text layout and fonts, but added my Facebook page and made the fonts larger.

What do you think? I like that this new design goes a bit better with my jewelry line, I think the look and feel match the photos and product photography.

P.S. 10% off everything in the shop for the next 72 hours! Use the coupon code "sweetnovember" at checkout! Just in time for some early Christmas shopping!

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