Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love Keys

It's been a busy summer so far!   After school got out, we went on a two week road trip to Saskatchewan and Alberta to visit family and friends, and then I went to volunteer in a camp kitchen for a week. 

I've been home since last Friday night, and since then I've been busy organizing/cleaning my craft room.   And I've taken a few breaks continuing to craft and make things of course.  :)

These are some lovely antiqued brass key bracelets that I have been working on.   Simple, but so pretty.   I should have them up in my Etsy shop within a couple of days. 

I got word of a "market fair" here coming up two days in the beginning of September.   That gives me a nice crafting goal to work towards.   I have quite a few earrings ready to go, but need some more bracelets and definitely necklaces to stock up for the show.   Have also been working on some cards, and have baby clothes planned as well.   Not sure what else I might do, but definitely have a few ideas on the go and in the back of my head, as well as on my Pinterest boards.

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